Skin + Nail

Corns, calluses, cracked heels

Ingrown toenails + surgery

Fungal + deformed nails

Medical Pedicure

Custom Orthotics

Pain relief

Optimum function

Kids to adult

Everyday wear to athlete

Lower Limb Assessment

Foot, Calf or Ankle Pain

Muscle testing

Gait analysis

and so much more...

Diabetic Foot Care

Footwear Analysis


Hard to cut nails? Dry, cracked heels? Corns or calluses?

Following a full assessment and diagnosis of any skin or nail concerns, our Senior Podiatrist Christina will get to work transforming your feet. 


Painless, safe and sterile - nails are cut, filed and thinned where required, while skin is renewed and rehydrated to finish.

Our medical pedicures are suitable for both men and women and HICAPS rebates are available.

Initial Visit - $72

Standard Visit - $62



Fully prescribed and created for your unique feet

Our custom made 3D scanned orthotics are based on your biomechanics, your injury, your footwear and your lifestyle needs. Most importantly, our Senior Podiatrist Christina will assess if orthotics are the right treatment for your concerns.


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