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Senior Podiatrist

Grace is a caring and enthusiastic podiatrist who has just joined the Body Focus Group. She commenced working as a podiatrist in 2015. She has experience in working in major hospitals, community clinics and in private clinics.


She has treated patients with wounds, skin conditions and chronic and acute injuries. Her main focus is in skin conditions and chronic and acute lower limb pathologies. 


Body Focus Podiatry treat the following lower limb pathologies:


  • Callous and Corns

  • Plantar Wart

  • Ingrowing toenail – with nail surgery options

  • Chronic foot and heel pain

  • Sports injuries

  • Keryflex

  • Diabetic foot health

  • Footwear education and recommendations

  • Children’s feet

  • Falls 

  • Orthotics

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